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Enjoy Scripture-based artwork with your group

Colouring is a wonderful way to spend time in a group, and it’s something everyone can do at their own pace. We know your groups are going to benefit greatly from our Scripture-based designs, so we’ve created super-cheap ‘Group Licences’ that allow you to download and print out enough designs to share with your groups.

Use our group licences for women’s events, fellowship evenings, Bible studies, a small gathering of friends, a Christmas event, Beach mission evenings, craft groups, or just to have to something to do at a family reunion!

School chaplains, hospital chaplains and pastoral workers, consider using the group licences for a cheap way to bring a relaxing, helpful Scripture-based activity to your students, patients or clients.

For anyone speaking a language other than English, our ‘Translation Licences’ provide a design with the lettering blanked out so that you can write in the verse in your language of choice. (Not all designs are available as Translation Licences).

Why licence? It helps protect copyright and puts food in the artist’s fridge. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can share our beautiful Scripture-based colouring sheets with your friends and help Lorien keep making more beautiful art at the same time.

Please do not purchase a licence unless you are willing to abide by the terms.

Terms and conditions:

  • All printouts must include the copyright and permission statement.
  • Your licence includes the number of printouts you are allowed to make. Please purchase another licence if you want to share or distribute printouts with additional people.
  • Printouts may not be sold.
  • No Lorien Illustrations files may be uploaded to the internet.
  • Lorien Illustrations files may not be emailed to or digitally shared with any other person.
  • Photographs of your finished coloured artwork may be shared freely and uploaded.


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